about us

Bucks N' Barks is a local family owned tack, and pet store. Back in early 2010 we began kicking around the idea of opening a premire tack and pet store for West Sonoma County. After 6 long months of looking we found our current location, smack dab in the middle of beautiful West County. after two months of building, finding qaulity products, and researching, we opened our doors on August 24th 2010.

We strive to carry quality made products that we personally use in our barn, and day to day life. When bringing in products, we try our best to find a American made item that beats or matches the imported products qaulity and price. We know in our current economy saving money for our customers are a big concern, that is why we try to bring in the best item's on the market while still saving our customers money.

We have a large inventory of Horse,Dog, Cat, and small animal products.  We are always bringing in new products that are on the cutting edge of of the industry and products that have stood the test of time. If we do not have your product in stock please let us know, we would be more then happy to special order or bring in the item for you.

We also offer a Wholesale Deptpartment for barns,and kennels to help save even more money for our great customer's. We offer wholesale price's on just about everything a barn or kennel could ever use or want. If you would like to know more please stop by our store, and tell us what you want.